Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I've always been interested in sports. I played football during my schooldays - played goalie. Never got into the school team though. Then in secondary school I fell in love with cricket and did represent my school. We lost nearly every game.
Badminton? I was okay, but never tournament standard.
When I joined NST, I decided to take up bowling and was okay saja. I did play cricket with NST and for awhile hockey. Lost most games though.
So, it is sad to say that throughout my whole life, I have not got a trophy to my name. Oh yes, I did win a trophy at golf - but mostly because of my partner Melvin. This was sometime back. Now, I can only hope for lucky draws after the end of the game to win anything.
So, it is with much pride that me - the almost sportsman - has a son who has won quite a number of trophies. Below is him. My youngest son Adi Iliya. The bowler.

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