Monday, October 13, 2008


Below are some more pics taken during Raya night and the first day. Most of it taken by Dylla.


Anonymous said...

hi bang didi, gosh its been awhile since i last read your blog, well i was extremely busy with my work here..but die die must read your blog lah..Seronok tengok Mak Nani and all the children ( your kids and abang Juna kids as well kat Janda Baik..Gotong royong nampak nya semua. Anyway i have never had any experience Raya kat kampung maklumlah in Singapore tak ada kampung hehehehe kesian i and family kat sini, but insyallah i hope one day my siblings here will arrange to merasa raya kat kampung nanti, harap harap we are are all welcome kat sana ehem tak malunya..

Anyway keep the good work in posting more blogs here its very interesting not only for me but for my other siblings as well here at least it can keep me and the rest pre-occupied at times hehehe...

LIZA (Singapore)

anwardi said...

Dear Liza,
Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment. Your family is always welcomed to Janda Baik. Why not plan a trip down for Raya Haji? We still make ketupat and masak rendang for Raya Haji. Can also play fireworks too.
Do keep in touch or exchange photos.
Regards to everyone in Singapore.