Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Early tomorrow morning, just after dawn, I'll be heading to KLIA with my trusty golf clubs and fat wallet to be amongst the many 'ayams' to be slaughtered by the few 'buayas' in Chiangmai. With me Tengku Annuar, Tengku Muzammel, Shukor Karim and Radzi Din (along with over 50 other golfers). You quess who's the ayam and who's the buaya. (I hope the ATM works in Chiangmai!)
I'm leaving for Thailand's Northern Hills tomorrow to take part in the final leg of the Astro Masters Golf Tournament. Hahaha....I'm eyeing the wooden spoon prize.
I will not be taking my laptop as I don't intend to nor pretend that I will be doing any form of writing during my three nights there. However, if I do get a chance to update my blog I will.
Ahhhh for some peace and quite and away from the Shah Rukh Khan hullabaloo.
See you guys soon....!!! Sawasdee karppp!! Hope the ball masuk cepat the cuppp!!!

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