Friday, January 23, 2009


I have always been fascinated by the supernatural and the unknown. The latest excursion of my fascination to this subject is the RTM series Bilik No.13. However, when I first started making TV programmes, I wrote and directed two telemovies which was well received - Teater Seram 1 and 2.
This was in the early 90s.
I have blogged earlier regarding my influences - John Carpenter, Tobe Hooper, James Whale, Todd Browning and many others. However, I forgot to mention that during my school days, I would be busy reading horror comics - anything that I could get my hand on. Comics like Tales From The Crypt are like treasures, but it was my fondness for the comics Creepy and Eerie that taught me about graphic horror.I used to save my pocketmoney, skipping lunches, to be able to afford these comics which were very expensive. These magazines were not Beano or Dandy, these are glossy graphic B&W (and later full color) imported horror comics. So, I would be excited when a new issue arrived at this mamak bookstore in PJ New Town.
Unfortunately, reading these comics (and spending good money on it) isn't something my parents condone. So I had to hide my Creepy and Eerie collection. Maybe they were okay with Creepy and Eerie, but when I started buying Vampirella - that was a little too much. As most Vampirella fans know, the main character Vampirella is the sexiest living (or rather undead) creature ever created and also the most scantilly dressed.So, one day, I was asked to destroy my collection. Not sure what triggered it off (maybe my bad academic results had something to do with it), but whatever it was, I was asked to destroy or throw it away. Imagine, pristine Creepy, Eerie and Vampirella comics gone to waste. Argggh!
Creepy was first published by James Warren, a young entrepeneur who was a fan of EC Comics (who published Mad, Tales of The Crypt) and wanted to bring back the same kind of horror to the comics stand after it disappeared under the heavy hand of US Comics Code censors.
Warren had actually published Monsters Of Filmland another cult favourite, and decided in 1964 to publish Creepy. His decision gave the world the fantastic and graphic worlds of Frank Frazetta, Richard Corben, Jack Davis, Joe Orlando and Angelo Torres.
The old comics are now collector's items and can fetch thousands in the comics marketplace.
So imagine how I felt when I went to Kinokuniya recently and saw a hardcover collection of the first five issues of Creepy!! I was in comics heaven! It costs RM170 but what the heck, it was a great buy! In issue no.1, you will find Frank Frazetta's only full comic story drawn by himself called Werewolf. As most comics enthusiasts know, Frazetta is the grandfather of fantasy art and posters. The works of Frazetta and Corben have been the subject of many a guy's wet dreams.
I can't wait to get the next instalments of these classics.
By the way, for those who are fans of Frazetta - watch this clip from the movie Fire and Ice directed by Ralph Bakshi.


fadz said...

wah, minat Franzetta! cool!

anwardi said...

Mestilah minat Frazetta - dia punya Heavy Metal comics paling best. You should also try and see Fire and Ice, an animated film by Ralph Bakshi, tapi designed by Frazetta. Really cool. I dah add video film tu kat posting ini.

zulazahari said...

Salam Abg Anwardi,

Ya, saya masih ingat Teater Seram 1 & 2, ala2 Twilight Zone dan Night Gallery, antara kisah2 seram yg saya masih ingat ialah kisah ahli korporat yg menjadi mangsa penduduk kg kanibal (atau mungkin zombie) ketika hendak memujuk mereka menjualkan tanah mereka. Kedua kisah Drakula yg dtg ke Malaysia mencari darah segar, akhirnya menjadi mangsa pontianak, haha.

adam said...

I just stumble upon ur blog & I must say I'm addicted to it.. :)

I love the early GADO-GADO..:) I'm a fan!!!! I would tape every series without fail.. those were good times...

I'm a script editor..& maybe u have seen some of my works, - RUSSELL LEE's TRUE SINGAPORE GHOST STORIES (which was featured in Astro I think..)

still learning.. & would love to be your young (well..not so young lah.. Padawan)

do check
out my multiply blog -

my email -

adam said...

errr.. & yes.. I stil kept some of my CREEPY, EERIE & TALES FROM THE CRYPT comicbooks..

(have to hide it from my wife though.. ) hehehe

anwardi said...

Hey Adam,
Thanks for the kind words. Yes, I love doing Gado Gado but I can't do it now because of the many restrictions on it won't be funny any more. Will drop by your blog.