Sunday, January 18, 2009


Today, my son Adi Iliya turns 16. Heck, time passes so fast. Happy birthday Yaya. May Allah look over you and protect you in your journey through life. Accept life's mystery, its ups and downs, its surprises and its wonders. Life is too short to waste time on moping round and playing online games for hours (haha).
Enjoy your day today, and eventhough Papa is not around, I'm sure you will not miss me too much as you will be busy with your friends.
Today, an old friend or rather a friend whom I've known for quite some time also celebrates her birthday today. Being a gentleman, I won't divulge the milestone she reached today, but I'm younger a little bit. Hahaha. So Madam Asriah Shaari, or to her close friends - dearest Anis, happy birthday to you. Don't work to hard ya...have a great day today.
(For all kaypochees, I am flying to Pattaya today at noon for three days of glorious uninterrupted golf, so there!)

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Amirul HajiMOHAMAD said...

Salam Brother Anwardi,

Stumbled upon your blog whilst looking for the La Salle PJ logo for my blog.

Based on your postings U must have been my super senior. I was in school from 1977-1982. Would have been nice to go to the celebrations if I'd known about it.

Best regards and thanks for the logo.