Tuesday, January 13, 2009


A few days ago, when I went to buy some groceries with the wife at Soho, I met an old classmate Suhaimi Saadon. He was in the same class with me during Form 4 in La Salle. And just now, whilst walking aimlessly in SS2, I heard my name being called. I looked at this Chinese guy seated with another fellow. He looked slightly familiar, but when I placed the face, it was a friend who is in Australia. But when he called my name again, I knew it was Eugene Chung, another old classmate from La Salle. And with him, was another classmate (with me in Form Six Arts) - James Hon.
Wow! Only a few days ago I went to La Salle PJ's Golden Jubilee celebration and I met not even one classmate, but since then, I met three without even trying.
Eugene's back from Australia to spend the Chinese New Year with his family. James is one of the few friends he still keeps in touch with.
We sat and chatted for quite awhile until I had to go off ending the impromptu reunion. Hope to see them again soon with more friends.

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