Thursday, January 8, 2009


What do we do?
With time that’s left.
With the time we know not how much
or how long.
Do we live it up? Or do we sober up?
Do we count our regrets or do we add up our blessings?
Do we go scared or do we laugh death at his face?
Or do we just go on blissfully ignorant.
Maybe we should prepare ourselves
Because others do
Or maybe we should repent like most do too
Yet there are some who think that time is aplenty
And therefore every day every night
Is still a time to party.
Others feel it is the time to reminisce,
To remember memories
To relive time and events
To look back.
Probably too it’s the right time to play catch up
With old friends, acquaintances,
With relatives and siblings.
With close ones and those that are distant
Those who are great company
And even those who maybe errant.
What do I do?
What have I done?
What will I be doing?
What will I be leaving behind?
Especially anything of consequence.
A legacy. Of sorts.
I really don’t know.
Is there time?
Is there really any more time?
Do I need more time?

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