Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Well, I made it. One full year of blogging. Hurrah! When I first started this blog exactly one year ago today, I never really thought that I'd be posting stuff on a regular basis.
It was a slow start nevertheless - week after week, wondering what to post and blog.
I wasn't going to be like my former colleagues in the New Straits Times like Rocky or Nuraina, nor my former bosses like Kadir Jasin and Ahmad Talib.
I never thought of even emulating Yasmin's The Storyteller or Patrick's hilarious blog Niamah!
To be another political blog would be redundant - especially like the blogs who just repeat or rehash what other blogs have said. Anyway, politics kinda depresses me.
So, I decide to write whatever comes to mind - it could be a movie review, it could be me reminiscing about my childhood days, it could also be me plugging my latest TV series.
I also post links of interesting videos I find all over the net including some old black and white classics that I think people in the film industry or even laypersons should watch - if they truly love cinema.
I also use this blog to include my travel journals and photos, and I hope to be able to do more of this is the short term.
I might also post my stupid poetry once in awhile or scan a sketch or drawing of mine that I think may decorate my somewhat bland and dreary blog layout.
Many wonder why not many people post comments on my blog. Well, most of my friends who do drop by regularly actually call me or text me about my postings directly. I guess that's more personal and I welcome such comments, but feel free to post a comment.
However, I will (in my second year), at a friend's suggestion and behest, to now maybe impart some of my knowledge to budding filmmakers. Sure, they may have gone to University to study film and get a degree or Masters, but being in the real world is totally different. Theory and practice are two different animals.
In college you don't learn about the maze that is called RTM. In University, you are blissfully unaware of the strange creature called the Malay film or TV producer. It's like that famous book - What They Did Not Teach You At Harvard.
So, I thought, why not? I will through time - post suggestions and advice to the budding writer, director, actor and producer. This advice is about the real world - the cut-throat world of Malaysian films. Anyway, I won't be the first one to do that. My friend Syed Azidi, better known as Kickdefella, and who directed the film Persona Non Grata,  has already done that, and kudos to him.
However, I will be imparting stuff that I personally have come across and feel that it would pertinent for wannabe filmmakers to know - so that their confidence can be lifted and to tell those with talent out there that through hard work and some luck, one can actually make a decent living in this industry.
So, let's do it. Bring it on, Year 2!

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