Saturday, July 5, 2008


Okay...this posting is basically for guys lah. Yeah yeah yeah..guys only because we're gonna talk about beautiful athletes - gorgeous top athletes of the world.
You know, I still remember in the 60s and 70s the myth played up by Americans that Russian women were ugly. Whenever, a Russian woman is characterised in a comic skit, she would have a moustache and full of male hormones. The joke was similar to that making fun of Irish intelligence.
How wrong were they? Now we know that the world's most gorgeous women comes from that part of the world (including those that ends with -stan like Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan etc).
So, what got to me writing this post was that the two Williams sisters are playing in the Wimbledon tennis finals - arggghh...and the Americans got the cheek to say Russian women are ugly.
I stopped watching this year's finals when Sharapova and Ivanovic crashed out. These two glamour girls are like magnets (to men who previously don't watch women's tennis). In fact, I have a couple of friends who got into hot water when their wives queried their sudden interest in women's tennis and golf.
I can't blame them, and other guys, who ogle these athletic beauties. I too would rather watch Paula Creamer swinging a driver than watching Colin Montgomerie take a tee shot.
So, let's get to the bottom of things...who are the most beautiful and sexiest female athletes in the world. Actually since we don't really get to see most sports on TV, we don't really get to see gorgeous athletes from other sports but let's just try okay?

My list of gorgeous sportswomen:

Ana Ivanovic - girl next door kinda beauty

Maria Sharapova - leaves Kournikova in her wake, including her mega orgasmic grunts on court
Sania Mirza - included because she's kinda cute. Chappati anyone?

Tanith Belbin - one wonder's how she doesn't melt the ice she skates on
Paula Creamer - pretty in pink and for that matter any damn color
Nathalie Gulbis - not that pretty but helluva sexy. Imagine a foursome with her.
Laila Ali - why? You try to look that pretty after boxing a few years.

So you guys out there, any suggestions who else to be included in this selection?

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