Saturday, July 26, 2008


Ooooohh I haven't been posting for the past four days. That's a long time.
Can't help it. Been having a big time writer's block - for my blog and also for the scripts and proposals that I have to complete.
My movie scripts are coming on veeerrryyyy slowwlyyyy - if you now what I mean. Am averaging about three scenes a day!!! Arghhhh!!!
And you know the saying it never rains, it pours? Yup yup...suddenly, work comes pouring in and over this weekend, I have to produce three Public Service Ad scripts and a business proposal.
I have also been given the greenlight to do another favourite pastime of time - cultural research. Yessss....hopefully, I will be able to do research of the Bugis and the Toraja community in Makassar, Southern Sulawesi.
This is great! I have been wanting to return to Sulawesi ever since I set foot on Manado more than ten years ago. I haven't been to the Southern part, and have been wanting to since I've watched National Geographic documentaries about the unique Torajan funeral rites. But first, I have to do a 'kertas cadangan penyelidekan dan dokumentasi'.
And then, RTM returned a few episodes of my Bilik No 13 yesterday for some re-edits - adoiiiii.
Tomorrow I have golf pulak. and my right finders are still sore.
Too many things happening lah....may even have to cancel my Jakarta trip next week.....Damn.
Anyway, this is just a short posting...hopefully I've got some interesting stuff to write about next time.

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