Saturday, July 12, 2008


In three days' time, this blog will be one year old. Not bad, considering I am never good in keeping diaries and writing down my thoughts. So, I will pen something interesting on that day. Meanwhile, take in this little ditty.

The first sweet bitter taste of durian
after not having it for years,
The exquisite first sip of a Dom Perignon
after months of draft beers,
The cry of your first born
many months after saying I do,
The touch of your sweetheart’s lips
after many times saying no.
Moments that bring tears of happiness
that are etched forever in lives.
Moments that are taken for granted.
Moments that can be fleeting.
Moments that are just moments.
Moments that in time become nothing.
Just mere moments.
Faded memories.
Soon, gone.
Where did happiness go?
When did it disappear?
When will it happen again?
Where do we find it?
Hidden in pages of a book?
Sandwiched in between prayers?
Within the four walls we call home?
Or in the smiles of your loved ones?
Or maybe in a fat bank account?
Where is it?
Gone when you need it.
Missing when you want it.
Could it be found in the furthest edges of the world?
In a small town in Scotland?
Or a hut in Africa or a beach in Bali?
Or on an island somewhere in Sulawesi.
We need not look that far.
Happiness is always there.
Just beyond one’s sight.
Like the one light.
It is there.
Waiting for a light.


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