Saturday, July 12, 2008


Today is Saturday. Time to relax. Time for contemplation. Not a time for anger. Not a time to be depressed. But if you were, what would be the medicine? For me, the cure is the same with boredom. I draw, paint or write. I was still seething inside after I wrote the poem. What else is there to do. I don't usually write my scripts or short stories in the day time. That I leave it for the night. So, I took out my little painting kit which I haven't used in ages and did a quick painting. Just to let out the pain and aches in my head.
Guess it sort of got transferred into the painting. Without much thought, the subject I chose was a character in a Balinese performance - the Rangda or to us locals the Penanggalan. It is one of the most colorful and scariest characters in a Balinese dance performance. The painting was done in an hour - not good. When you want to do something in acrylic or oil, you need patience. You can't rush. Details will be left out and the ultimate result will be half baked. Nevertheless, the action of painting and the time it took to complete it is quite therapeutic.

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