Sunday, July 6, 2008


Every year, Hollywood churns out blockbusters during this summer holiday period. Usual fare include sequels to big box office hits, movie versions of top comic heroes, remakes and slam-bang-thank-you-ma'am action movies.
So far, this year, the movies have been making lotsa moolahs. Until the 4th of July weekend, the box office have been setting records.
Amongst this year's summer blockbusters include the umpteenth remake of The Incredible Hulk, Angelina Jolie's Wanted, the movie take on Mel Brook's creation Get Smart, Spielberg's fourth Indiana Jones, Will Smith's superhero movie Hancock, non-Pixar animation movie Kung Fu Panda, N. Night Shyamalan's The Happening and Mike Myer's comedy The Love Guru.
Of course the heavyweights really performed. Indiana Jones raking in plenty of greenbacks making it the most successful Indiana Jones outing for Harison Ford. Will Smith is once again doing his Independance Day victory shuffle with Hancock, eventhough the movie was universally panned.
My favourite summer movie so far is the 'screw physics' movie Wanted directed by Russian visionary director Timur Bekmambetov who gave us Nightwatch and Daywatch. Eventhough Angelina Jlie was in it, the movie was kinda cool to watch.
Meanwhile, animated action comedy Kungfu Panda was a hit movie with a simple singular plot and kid friendly. Nothing great but okay lah.
Crap is also in abundance during summer period and surprisingly, Shyamalan's The Happening was one such crap. I got a feeling that he will soon become the contemporary version of John Carpenter.
Mike Myer's star is also on the wane as he keeps on producing one crappy movie after the other and The Love Guru, which bombed at the box office, keeps his downhill track record going. I am sure his financiers are begging for him to start his next Austin Powers - something Steve Carell did well with his version of Get Smart.
The summer season is far from over. More blockbusters are set to make their bows - this include Gulliermo del Toro's Hellboy 2
, Pixar's Wall.E, Eddie Murphy's Meet Dave,Brendan Fraser's double - Journey to the Center of the Earth 3D and The Mummy 3.
and the new X Files movies (I really miss Scully, not Mulder).

And of course the summer's biggie - The Dark Knight - which is also Heath Ledger's last movie.

Lotsa movies for us to look forward to every Thursday right up until August.
At least, these popcorn fares will take our minds off things like politics and increasing living expenses and fuel prices.
Meanwhile, I'm just counting the days to Star Wars - The Clone Wars which will be screened end of August just before the start of Puasa month.

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