Friday, November 14, 2008


I'm posting this from the lounge at LCCT waiting for my 7.25pm Airasia flight to Singapore. Seriously, it's been quite a while since I flew to Singapore. Usually I take the four hour plus drive through the second link and straight to Singapore city with the GPS on.
But heck, this morning I thought why not just go to KL sentral get a ticket and fly down. Easy peachy. So that's what I did at 9.30am this morning. Had breakfast with Puteh and then she dropped me down at KL Sentral.
I walked to the Malaysian Airline ticketing office in the building near the entrance of the train to KLIA.
Okay, it has been sometime since I bought a flight ticket to Singapore okay. So, please excuse for saying that I got a shock when the ticket counter told me my economy return ticket to Singapore is RM1,020!!!!
I stood there like a bloody idiot. I travel to Jakarta return costs me RM400-500. I travel to Bangkok about the same cost. On KLM to Jakarta never more than RM600 return.
And then suddenly, I have to pay more than 1 bloody k to Singapore on Malaysian Airlines.
So, I put back my credit card into my wallet, smiled at the Malaysian Airlines staff, thanked him for his troubles and walked off.
I took the train to KLIA and then a bus to LCCT, went to the Airasia ticket counter and bought a ticket for RM580 return. End of story.
Jeez! Remind me to check flight costs again before going to KL Sentral or KLIA!


Anonymous said...

kalau naik bas boleh jimat lapan kali ganda tau bang.

aash said...

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anwardi said...

hahaha...aash, you must either be working for SIA or the Singapore Tourism Board. You're more than welcome to my blog even if you are trying to promote the country of my birth. People will make their own judgement as to the quality of SIA's services and what Singapore has to offer tourists. Too bad there's two things that still sucks - the fuel surcharge on SIA/Malaysian Airlines flights to Singapore and the exchange rate which makes everything seem so expensive in Singapore.