Tuesday, November 11, 2008


During my Form 5 years, I hung out with a group of friends that were tight. We do everything together - watch hockey matches (this was during the time when Malaysia was a force to be reckoned in world hockey), movies, warungs and even group dates.
We were not all from the same school - most were from La Salle PJ, but some were from Bukit Bintang Boys School and also from St. Johns. The girls who hung out with us, however, were mostly from Assunta.
So, since we left school, we have met irregularly at off-the-cuff reunions organised by some of us who had the tenacity to gather us together.
One of these guys is Abang Hamzah, now Capt. Abang Hamzah, who is actually my senior in LSPJ. He has been very active in organising reunions, even with his own Class of 73 LSPJ.
Last Sunday, was one of the reunions that he organised. This time, however, he also invited his MAS batch of friends (which included my brother Capt. Arjunaidi).
Below are photos that Abang took of the reunion.

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