Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Tomorrow, the 11th episode of Bilik No. 13 will be aired. The title is Pelawat Malam written and directed by my son Aidyl Abadi.
Next week, episode 12 is entitled Kelab Ronggeng, my nod to Quentin Tarantino's Dusk To Dawn and Creepshow's Bordello of Blood. It stars Eman Manan and Harun Salim Bachik.
Episode 13 wraps up the second season with the secret of Bilik No. 13 exposed. It stars Catriona Ross and Anne Abdullah.
There have been mixed response to the second season. RTM insiders said the stories were stronger by casting was weak. For some, the scary parts took too long to begin and they would have changed the channel to TV3 to catch Kekasih Ku Seru.
On the positive side, die hard Bilik No 13 fans really liked the series and want more.
We took all these criticisms to heart. However, we were a little concerned and disappointed that RTM did not promote the second season at all. Eventhough we have prepared promotion materials for them at the beginning of the season, they did not deem it necessary to remind the press about the series.
This is sad, because the first season was a big hit for RTM2, and for them to assume that the popularity would be maintained or improve without promotion is unfortunately shortsighted.
We are in fact still waiting for the greenlight for season three. I was surprised when one of the officers said they are waiting for the final ratings. Suddenly they are concerned about ratings? Imagine if they had promoted the series ever week - the ratings would have soared.
Once again, all I could do is just wait. If you don't have patience and a strong heart, don't be a producer for RTM. You might just go nuts. Hmmm, now that's a great story for an episode of Bilik No. 13.

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