Tuesday, November 18, 2008


I actually found a nice affordable hotel in Singapore. The price is about right (as compared to other business class and four star hotels in Singapore) and the location is excellent.
It is also a boutique hotel - born from the old shop lots that Singapore is quite famous for.
This is the Albert Court Hotel in Prince Albert Road near Sim Lim Square.
I don't have to write much about this boutique hotel - just check out the photos below.

However the only thing I can comment is that one of the concierge members was quite rude to me - quite disconcerting. He actually spoiled the rather chirpy attitude of the front desk staff. From the rather unnecessary incident, he actually raised his voice to the counter staff and looked rather pissed. Must have had a bad day. All I wanted was for my stuff to be watched as I wanted to go to the shops outside before returning to my room. The counter staff called this Malay concierge who ignore us at first and then when I asked for his assistance, he said; "Put there first lah." And walked off in a huff. The front desk staff looked bemused but suggested that she put the package in the store room for me. I thanked her for her assistance. Little things like these spoil a hotel's image and even indirectly the country's. Too bad. Nevertheless, I will still recommend the hotel to friends and would also return to the hotel if they maintain their price structure. I paid S$120 plus plus per night without breakfast.

The hotel is about five minutes walk to Sim Lim Square and is adjacent to the imposing La Salle College of Fine Arts and Fashion (or so someone said) (picture below). It is also a five minute cab ride to my favourite Singapore murtabak restaurant Victory (which is slightly better than Zam Zam). Surprisingly, my family favourite murtabak restaurant, Singapura, which used to be right beside Victory has since closed down.
Try the beef murtabak and the beriani. It is to kill for.

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aash said...

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