Thursday, May 15, 2008

And then the sky opened and cried...

We had to rush our next two episodes in Mini Malaysia - Bunian and Artifak. Bunian started badly on the first day....nearly scrapped it - just managed one night scene. But luckily we managed to speed up the next two days to complete the episode. Two technical crew disappeared and joined other productions which made our existing crew very slow in setting up lights - just four people including the cameraman Pian. Though we managed to complete nearly all scenes, the rains came and we were left with three night scenes carried forward to the fourth day.
Artifak, we were supposed to start yesterday (Wednesday) has casting mishaps so, Bunian's extra day shoot was carried out yesterday. (written and directed by my son Abadi) early Thursday morning with new casts (and some reshoots). Its tought going. It really tests everyone's nerves. Luckily Mini-Malaysia was at most points the ideal location for Bilik No. 13. Below are some shots taken on my iPhone.
It's 3am in the morning and the rain started coming down. Pian, the DOP waits patiently for it to end. It didn't so we wrapped at 4 am,
Diana, the continuity girl sits alone in the leaking Siamese house, whilst waiting for news of the shoot.
Newcomer Saskia plays the role of the Bunian princess that lures unsuspecting young men into her world.
For mystery buffs, here's a picture I took of the ground in Mini Malaysia. Can you see the face? Scary isn't it?

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