Monday, May 26, 2008


I was checking my older posts and found out that some of the videos I posted are no longer available. Especially the song You've Got A Friend performed by The Brand New Heavies.
So, I searched the net for the song and found this one. I hope you guys out there enjoy it. I dedicate this song to Razi, whose father recently suffered a stroke and in a coma, to Nasir, whose beloved mother passed away recently, to Mizan, whose beautiful 4-year old daughter lost her battle to cancer, to Diana, my continuity girl, whose father passed away a couple of days ago ( a day before her sister's wedding), to a wonderful and dear friend, Nik Elin, who isn't allowed to be with her kids on her birthday next week, and to all my other friends, Amer A.B., Amir Hamidy, Nabir, Iqbal, Suharti, Nurjannah, Norana, Addie, Wan Fauzy, Wan Bari, Abang Hamzah, Shukor, Shakir, Ayoub, Zaki, Tengku Annuar, Anis, Dato Nazeri, Raja Hizad, Dato Simon, Melvin, Colin, Wan Shafie, Tengku Faisal, Hamid Karim, Tiar, Harun S. Bachik, Ebby Saiful, Sabrina, Den Wahab, Zaidi Mohamed, Ruslee Ariffin, David Oh, Jaspal, Rafique, Lat, Ken Yap, Anne, Catriona, Sofia, Fatimah, Syed Rashid, Justin, Hayati, Umi Habibah, Tasnima, Rahman, Jamal, Zaki, Mussadikh and Mala R., and everyone else who knew me or knows me. If only our leaders can be friends amongst themselves - we would be a happy nation.

You've Got A Friend---carole King,Celine,Gloria,Shania

[via FoxyTunes / Carole King]


abanghamza said...

Assalamualaikum bro!
What a pleasant surprise to find this site when I google my name!! So how late am I to find this out?

Thanks for including me in your friendship circle. We must continue our yearly reunion to keep the old flame burning!

Cheers & Well done.

Also sad to hear about Nasir's mother. Was at his tahlil last week.

anwardi said...

Thanks for dropping by my blog. If you checked the blog date, it's been around awhile already. So far, I think Nora and you are the only two friends who've had the time to post comments. Anis too I think. Do inform the others to drop by. I reminisce from time to time, so if you do remember or have memories of our gang, do post it.


... ... ... ... ... ... nik elin said...

Thank you, DD for the song...
Thank you for your support and spirit.
Thank you for being with me, in my times of depression.
Thank you, DD for being my friend..

BTW, my birthday was on the 28th of May, not next week... hehehe...

But I know you remembered.