Monday, May 5, 2008


It's already day 14 into our shoot of Bilik No. 13 The Prequel series. It's been one heck of a week. Yesterday we managed to complete our Fourth episode entitled Jangan Lupa Tutup Tingkap. So far, the artistes who have been involved in the first four episodes are Ann Abdullah (Dr Iliya), Zainatul Zainuddin (Dr Hayati), Megat (Amer), Ajun (Wati), Mubarak Majid (Roslan), Lan Zailan (Bomoh), Ramasundram (Rama), Tanting (Kenny) and Erynne (Gadis Kecil), Pak Lah Cecupak (Muzaffar). Cameos include Kartina Aziz, Nasir Ali, Kamal Bakar and Zarina Zainuddin.
Shot most scenes in and around Seri Menanti and Kuala Pilah. Loads of thanks to the citizens and the authorities of Seri Menanti who had to bear with our antics and our shoots which at times lasted til 5 in the morning.
We broke camp early Sunday and will begin again on Tuesday for another block of four episodes - Foto, Peti, Bunian and Artifak. We will be shooting around Kuala Lumpur this time, except for maybe a day in Melaka to shoot certain scenes for Foto. Amongst the artistes slated to participated this time include Melissa Maureen, Kee Thuan Chye, Den Wahab, Tony Eusoff and Eizlan. Am still hoping for the participation of ManBai, Hattan, Awie, Rosie Rashid, Mas Aniza in the series.
It was also a battle trying to get extras who could act. However, in Jangan Lupa Tutup Tingkap we discovered a young 16-year old girl from Tampin named Andi. She has natural acting talent. But unfortunately, most of the other extras could even do a simple walk on.
Working with Erynne of Congkak fame was also a breeze. That little girl is really something. Fun to work with and a true professional even at that young age.
I will try and post more pics as soon as possible.

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