Monday, May 5, 2008


Shooting in kampungs and old towns can be quite fun and rewarding. You get to experience life you've never had the chance before. You also get to meet people from all walks of life and get to see the true side of Malaysia.
Shooting Bilik No 13 The Prequel, we stayed in Kuala Pilah's Desa Inn for nearly two weeks - we stayed the first few days in the Rest House. Desa Inn is a newish little hotel and is clean and really comfortable.
If you happen to drop by Kuala Pilah and Seri Menanti look out for signboards that state "Tapak Megaliths". These are ancient stone megaliths (could be ancient tombstones) scattered all over the area (usually part of a cemetery).
The old houses in the areas are also very beautiful and majestic and has the Minang-style architecture. Some are left to rot and crumble because it seems, it is tradition not to tear down the houses - it has to crumble on its own through time.
Whilst shooting in one of this village houses, I found tucked away in the corner of the nearly rundown old house an old padi chaffing machine (used to chaff padi husks). It looked really nice and was in perfect working order still. I asked the owner what they wanted to do with it, and they said they had no plans for it. When I asked if I could buy it, I was surprised they said yes. I was surprised further when I asked if they would accept RM200, they said Yes.
So, I'm now a proud owner of an old padi chaffing machine made of wood. Above is a picture of it. Now my problem is trying to find out how to transport the thing to my house. After that, the only problem is to explain to the wife why I bought it. Heheh.

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