Thursday, May 29, 2008


We are currently shooting episodes 9 (Pelawat Malam) and 10 (Topeng) in Kuala Lumpur. My son, Buddy, is directing Pelawat Malam, which he also wrote, whilst Thorpe Ali will direct Topeng. I'm just busy finalising the on-line edits for the first four episodes for delivery to RTM and overseeing some more off line edits for episodes 5-8.
I will return to Melaka this Sunday night as we start shooting Bejalai (Ep 11) and Ronggeng (Ep 12) Monday onwards at Mini Malaysia again.
The team is excited with these last two as it would be the most complex and most ambitious of all the 13 episodes. We are also very pleased to have Eman Manan and Harun Salim Bachik in the Ronggeng episode. Cico Harahap, the son of singer-actress Uji Rashid, will be acting in Bejalai whilst Melissa Maureen will appear for the second time in the series acting beside Cico.
Bejalai is about the appearance of a vicious head hunting spirit in a small remote village in Sarawak. Two competing teams of ghost hunters visit the village to find out if the incident of the head hunting ghost is a prank or something very real.
Ronggeng is about a group of gangsters who want to party after making a big score. In order not to be discovered by the authorities, they decide to go to the border to party at illegal nightclubs. They are however attracted to go to a mysterious nightclub in which the joget and ronggeng dancers are sexy and goes by the names of colours (Hitam, Biru, Hijau and Kuning).
Unknown to these gangsters, the nightclub is a trap for unwary travellers. The club is run and operated by vampires.
Let's hope what I envisage will become reality on your TV screens.
Meanwhile, I am also developing stories for the third season of Bilik No. 13...and also...but with a big IF...a screenplay for Bilik No. 13 - The Movie.
On a sad note, Razi, a good and close friend of mine, lost his father this morning. His father suffered a massive stroke last week. He was 81. Razi and family left for Kedah this morning to attend the funeral which was to be held after asar. To his late father we offer our doa's and Al Fatihah.
Another close friend of mine, Shukor, also had a sad day two days ago when his driver, Pak Harun, who has been with him for many years, died of a heart attack just after reporting to Shukor's house for the day's work. According to Shukor, his maid found Pak Harun sprawled on the floor of the guard house. To Pak Harun we also offer Al Fatihah.

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