Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Yesterday we started the episode inspired by Sheridan Lefanu's Portrait of Dorian Gray entitled Foto. It's about an upstart young filmmaker who collects old antique photos and frames as a hobby. He was attracted to an old photo sold by a roadside antiqueware stall. The photo is of an old Filipino Contessa who committed suicide before the Second World War.
Unknown to the young director, the 'spirit' of the old woman lives in the photo and she takes the opportunity to suck the life out of this young filmmaker. He gets older every day, and the woman in the photo gets younger.
In the role of the Contessa is Melissa Maureen of Gol and Gincu and Realiti fame. I have to tell you, she's absolutely gorgeous and talented. She fits the role to a tee. Below are pics of her at the shoot.

The episode begins with a film within a film - a movie being directed by a so-called award winning highly educated filmmaker. The film is a revisionist take on the pontianak tale. It was a hilarious session. See the pic of the pontianak below.

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