Thursday, September 11, 2008


I would like to congratulate my friend and producer, Wafa Tan Sri Kadir, whose film Budak Lapok, a movie I wrote and directed, is one of the 9 animated feature films selected to be screen in the Ani-Asia Category of the Pusan International Film Festival - showcasing the best of Asian feature film animation.

Check this link:

Someone also edited the video and posted in on YouTube. Below is the viral Budal Lapok theme song.

I would actually one day write a behind-the-scenes background of the movie - whose idea it was, how it started, who was behind Matahari, how the story developed, who designed the characters and why I didn't get to do the final edit of the movie. And of course the big question - how much did the movie really cost. But not yet.

Meanwhile, I am waiting with baited breath for my official invitation to the festival. The only drawback is that the festival begins 2nd October and ends 10th October. According to my calculations, the festival begins on the 2nd day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri.

My dear wife, Puteh, has already given me her blessing to attend the festival - as it would be interesting for me. The last time we went to an international film festival together was in Teheran last year and she knows how much I enjoy participating in festivals.

In terms of movies entering international film festivals, this will be my third (though second one that I directed). The first was Tuah made in 1989 - it went to Montreal, Fukuoka, Tokyo and Jakarta (where it won a Jury Prize). It was supposed to go Berlin the same year, but because of the fall of the infamous Berlin Wall, things went into limbo.
The second movie was Cheritera, an animated movie I produced in 1999, which was selected to represent Malaysia at the Asian Pacific Film Festival in Jakarta in 2000.
Budak Lapok will be my third feature film.

Nevertheless, from what I heard, Budak Lapok was selected without any governmental agency's assistance. According to my sources, PIFF heard about Budak Lapok, managed to contact Wafa at Matahari. She sent a preview tape and hey presto, Budak Lapok was selected. Hmmm, wonder why FINAS did not offer Budak Lapok as a possible entry.

Anyway, if any of you missed Budak Lapok, it will be shown on TV this coming festive season - though I cannot remember which TV channel. It is also available on video.
And if you happen to be in Pusan on those dates, go support Malaysian animation. Woohooo!!!


Anonymous said...

budak lapok juga terpilih kerana piff mengadakan ruang fokus khusus untuk filem animasi dari asia. tahniah!

Anonymous said...

Tahniah untuk sahabat .. Budak Lapok terpilih ke PUSAN dan bersyukur atas jemputan yang diterima. Sayangnya, pihak penganjur tidak menyediakan tiket penerbangan atau penginapan...jadi tak ada peluang lah untuk produser dan pengarah nya untuk merasa impak dan minat masyarakat di Festival Pusan itu terhadap Budak Lapok... hmm... tak taulah kalau FINAS boleh prihatin... khabarnya ada delegasi yang ke sana...sepatutnya FINAS lebiih arif dan membuat langkah inisiatif ini...