Monday, September 1, 2008


Alan Gerard Danker - born 1957 died 30th August 2008. He was 51. He was my classmate in La Salle PJ.
When I joined La Salle in 1969, I had very few friends. Most of them non-Malays. Amongst them Justin Morais, Maria Alphonsus, Param, Tan Chee Beng and Alan Danker.
Alan as I remembered him was an affable and likable fellow. He was a sportsman and a prefect. And he had thick glasses.
He had an arresting smile and he played music.
Now he's gone. we never keep in touch much after school. But we do keep bumping into each other quite often as he was in the tourism business and somehow, we would cross each others' path in hotel lobbies, airport and even traffic light crossings. He in his tour coach and in his uniform.
I liked him. He was ok. He will be missed.
He will meet old friends now - Maria Alphonsus and Chee Beng.
For those who knew him, his funeral will be held at the Assumption Church in Petaling Jaya at 3pm after which his cortege will be taken to the Kampung Tunku crematorium.
Alan leaves behind his wife, Cindy Lai and two daughters, Bianca and Helena.


Anonymous said...

I just found out the news. I too am an ex-La Sallean, same year as you and Alan. I knew Alan. We were classmates but I can't remember which year though. Are you Anwadi?
Has Tan Chee Bend passed away too?!?!
regards...eugene chung

BILIK NO. 13 said...

Hi Eugene.
Yes, its me. Didi. Chee Beng passed away sometime back.
Do keep in touch. I can be reached at

Eugene said...

Thanks Didi! Added you in facebook where I found you also. Email noted. Will keep in touch via email or facebook.

Fauzy said...

Hi Didi, I did not know about Alan, thanks for keeping us up to date, yes he will be missed. I remember him as someone who always have a smile. Chee Beng passed away too??