Saturday, September 6, 2008


My good friend Kee Thuan Chye's latest book is out - it's called "March 8: The Day Malaysia Woke Up". It is available at the MPH Bookstore in Mid Valley (the MPH in One Utama and The Curve have not stocked it yet).
It's only RM39.90 and is a good read for those who are very much into wondering what's in store for us here in good old Malaysia.
Why am I pushing this book? Well, apart from helping an old friend promote his book - my essay entitled "Malay Identity? Yeah Right." is in it. Hehehe. Kena angkat bakul sendiri mahhh!!
Here's two excerpts from my essay;
"...most non-Malays are trying to push for the creation of one race - Malaysians. In reality, that can never be. It is a beautiful dream. It is an idealistic dream. It is science fiction."
"In Malaysia, we Malays are unquestionably, undeniably special. But then again, we should also recognise that the other races are special too. We are equal no doubt, but because of a twist of fate in history, Malays are slightly more equal than others, at least in this land we call Tanah Melayu. See? We call it Tanah Melayu. Not Tanah Malaya or Tanah Malaysia. Accept it and everything will be fine. Trust me. I'm a Malay."
Anyway, don't take these paragraphs out of context. Read the whole piece. Buy the book.
I believe books like these should be required reading. It allows us to debate. It helps us understand issues and concerns. It could be the beginning of our departure from what our government like to call "guided democracy" to what we the rakyat wish to see - a full democracy.
Really? Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.

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Well said, Didi!

And thanks for the plug.