Thursday, September 25, 2008


For my 25th wedding anniversary I ordered a Hyundai Starex for Puteh, my wife. It's a nice mini-van that can surprisingly seat 11 passengers comfortably and safely.
The sales person, Steven, delivered the dark greyish Starex this morning and she was visibly happy and elated to get her new wheels. Her previous Kia Nazaria is quite rundown already.
The Starex, I explained to my friends, is the poor-man's Alphard. Yup, really. Once you buy it, you become poor!!!
Hahaha....just joking. The Starex is value for money and quite slick. It runs on diesel so I save 5 sen to the liter against the petrol. The full tank (before tomorrow's 10 sen reduction) was around RM160. Should have waited a couple of days to put in the full tank and saved at least RM7. Hehehe.
You could also upgrade to a full-spec version for another RM25k and they would turn the van into a 7-seater, including two massage chair seats!
No, I wasn't tempted. The current spec is good enough especially when it comes with a nice LCD TV for the passengers and a DVD player.
Anyway, below a video of the Starex. Who knows, maybe you would be attracted to it and maybe buy one.

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Ainul said...

what a lucky,lucky wife! :)