Tuesday, September 23, 2008


This is the celebrated opening scene from the movie Citizen Kane, the first feature film directed by celebrated genius Orson Welles. Maybe consider the opening scene one of the most unique, if not the best opening scene ever.
Personally, I prefer his opening scene for Othello, which to me is my favourite ever opening scene. I posted the opening scene for Othello some weeks earlier.
The problem with Citizen Kane is that we are following a reporter who is trying to find out who or what RoseBud is - the final words uttered by Kane in his Xanadu deathbed.
That's the premise of the whole movie, isn't it?
And, of course, as we all know, in the end, Rosebud is the sled he received from his mother when he was a little boy.
So, where's the problem?
Well, my problem is that when he uttered those now famous words "Rosebud", he was alone. He died alone in his room. He uttered the words, he lets go of the toy that rolled down and broke, and then the nurse came in.
So, who in the movie, knew what his last words were? He uttered it alone. No one could have heard him. So, that spoiled the whole magic for me. Unless, of course, I missed out on something in the movie. Hey, Ajimi, maybe you can help me out here.
Anyway, for those who have never seen Citizen Kane before, here's the first ten minutes of this cinematic classic.


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Ajami Hashim said...

Salaam bro.. nnti i tgk dvd CK blk ;-)

atau OW sajaa nk buat surrealism film? haha..

or the whole story was just a hoax mcm gosip dr nurse kpd suma org.. dan ntah2 Kane ckp mende lain???.. ermmm!