Thursday, September 4, 2008


Once in a while, a movie comes out of nowhere but someone you've never heard of that makes you stop and wonder how the heck did this guy have the balls to make this movie.
It's rare for me to find such a movie. The last was Russian Ark by Alexander Sokurov made in 2002. Before that, Koyaanisqatsi.
These are movies made with a different agenda. These are true cineastes.
So what film am I talking about?
The Fall. By a director named Tarsem Singh.
In this movie he credits himself as Tarsem. But in his previous movie, The Cell, starred Jennifer Lopez, he credits himself as Tarsem Singh.
He is better known as a commercial film director.
The Fall, which took him years to make, and which was shot in more than 20 countries, with numerous production crews and without a script or storyboard (or so he claims), was considered too 'deep' and too risky for distribution. That was until David Fincher and Spike Jonze decided to champion this 'unique' vision.
The story is 'fantastic' and the cinematography outrageous.
I just saw the movie and realise that you would either like it, or you hate it. I loved it.
Below it the movie's trailer. You can find the DVD at video shops around you.

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