Thursday, September 4, 2008


TV3 promotes its series,both local and foreign, to death. If you drive pass Jalan Lebuh Ampang, near the traffic junction leading to Concorde Hotel, there on the sidewalk is a wall of ads (about 100 meters long) of TV3's programmes. The ads are so intimidating that you will most probably just check out the series that are being displayed on this wall.
All over town, you also see ads for Kekasih Ku Seru, Ampang Medical and other programmes too. Then, in the papers, full page ads staring back at you.
So, you could see why TV3 is now the most popular TV station in the country.
RTM, however, is not beaten yet and have not surrendered. Its programming in TV2, is making waves and is why TV2 is fighting for second spot with another Media Prima TV channel, even without spending much on promotions. Imagine what it could achieve it if did.
Forget TV1 - its niche programming to promote government policies and standard atypical Malay dramas.
Now, my Bilik No 13 series, made waves in its first season, garnering a million viewers - killing off its TV3 competition in that slot (which was Saka).
This season, Bilik No 13 returns against a strong series , Kekasih Ku Seru, directed by Kabhir Bahtiar, who also helmed its current English-languaged Front Page series.
Kekasih Ku Seru is a misnomer because it is a worthy horror series.
But what do you do to compete with it. Firstly, you have a 30-minute lead in advantage - Bilik starts at 9.00pm and Kekasih Ku starts at 9.30pm.
I am confident that my series is thrilling enough for audience not to turn the channel half way to watch Kekasih Ku. In fact, I feel that audiences will actually resort to watching Bilik til its end and only then turn to Kekasih Ku to watch its conclusion later.
However, the problem is, not many know that Bilik No 13 started airing two weeks ago. Tonight is the third episode - one of the series more scary episodes - and no one knows about it because there's hardly if any promotion for it. Screening the series during Ramadhan too may have prompted RTM not to push the series but then it would have been a gross mistake to have started the series two weeks before Ramadhan. If the series do not get good ratings, would it be because the series failed or because the station failed to promote it?Tonight, Bilik No 13 is in Episode Three with the title Jangan Lupa Tutup Tingkap. It could be a controversial and sensitive episode because it is about how little kids are stolen from the rooms in kampungs because they are too stubborn to close their windows.
It stars child star Erynne Erynna of Congkak fame.
But not many people know that. Too bad.
If you're reading this before 9p.m., don't forget to catch it. TV2. But if you feel like that you ought not to miss your Tarawikh prayers then you should not because that is more important. If you have a digital recorder get someone to record it and watch it when you return home.
So, happy viewing and selamat beribadah.

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