Monday, August 18, 2008


The second season of Bilik No 13 begins this Thursday. We need the support of all fans to check this new season to make it another big hit.
Checking out the schedule, we have been given our previous usual slot - Thursdays 9 pm on TV2 - a primetime slot. But I also noticed that it is against Kabhir Bakhtiar's horror-romance series Kekasihku Seru. We shall see who wins.
Bilik 13 - second season - have also been given a previously unheard of PG-13 rating by the LPF. I applaud this decision because I too was worried about the content - especially for the younger viewers and fans.
This rating also confirms that the second season is quite scary. Well, most of it lah.
My favourites would be Jangan Lupa Tutup Tingkap, Peti, Samurai, Artifak and Ronggeng.
Don't forget! This Thursday - 9pm on TV2.

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