Thursday, August 14, 2008


Fuhhh that sounds so important doesn't it? It even sounds better in Malay - Kongres Industri Hiburan and Kesenian Nasional. Sends shivers down your spine. It is being organised by MAHKOTA (Majlis Perunding Industri Hiburan dan Kesenian Tanah Air) - another body that exists in the entertainment industry sphere. I've lost count - there's GAFIM, PPFM, PFM, Seniman, FDAM, Karyawan, PAPITA, Penyiar, SWAM etc etc etc.
And yet, the industry is still stagnant. Hohum.
Last week's so-called seminar, which was part of the Malaysian Festival Film schedule was a sham to say the least. So, what will this congress be any better? tell you the truth, I don't know. I will be there. I have been invited to be a 'pengupas' of a paper being presented by Dato Zain Hamzah, the former Director General of FINAS.
I have read the paper emailed to me, and on Friday, I will be 'kupasing' the paper....oh yes, the paper's title is "Is there a need to have another central national plan for the film industry".
Hehehe..and I will be 'kupasing' it a lot. Don't worry, I will be posting the goings on of the congress here. One cannot really aspect much from this congress but one can hope - hope that at least this intellectual discourse will be illuminating and that it would achieve something.
The congress will begin on Friday at the Selesa Hotel along Jalan Tebrau in JB. Amongst the personalities that will be presenting papers or commenting on the papers include Prof Wan Zawawi (UKM), Dr Ghouse, Sandy Monteiro, Aziz Bakar, Ahmad Tarmimi, Adman Salleh and Raja Aznil. It ends on Sunday.

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zubin said...

so, how was the seminar? any good papers? anything new that we could learn from the entertainment industry?