Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Happy Birthday Abah! You turn 82 today.
Yes, your birth date carries much significance. In 1945 on August 6, the Yanks drop a 'little' boy on Hiroshima. It marked the beginning of the Nuclear Age - an age that brings fear and consternation to all peace loving people. A few days later, they drop another little gift on Nagasaki. In all I think more than 50,000 people died in the two attacks.
Yes, it caused the Japanese to surrender and the end of the Second World War - A fact - that history has already proved - was already moot. Anyway, that's history and we just hope that we don't repeat such acts again. In fact, until today, throughout history, only the Americans have exploded a nuclear device in another country that has killed civilians. No one else has. Not the Russians. Not the Chinese. Not the North Koreans. Nor the Pakistanis. Nor the Iraqis under Saddam nor any 'rogue' Islamic countries. Only the great U.S. of A!
But I digress.
Also in AD 610, around August 6, the Prophet Muhammad pbuh, to him, was revealed the first words, from the angel Gabriel, of the Koran during his solitary time in the caves of Mt. Hira. Thus marked the beginning of the glorious religion of Islam.
So, it is an auspicious date.
Others who share the same birthdate include Lord Tennyson, Alexander Fleming, Lucille Ball, Robert Culp, Andy Warhol, Dato' Michelle Yeoh and M. Night Shyamalan. My abah is in good company.
Grandpa and the kids. From Left Diandra, Adylla, Abadi and Iliya. Seated in white tees is Nurhadi.
He has been a great Dad. Strict, responsible and loving. He can be very patient, and yet very demanding. He is one of a kind. And to have a father that is very creative, loved by family and friends, is really a gift. I may not have been the perfect son, but to me he has been the perfect father.
Happy Birthday Abah. I love you.

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