Sunday, August 3, 2008


August is gonna be one helluva month. In a few days time, RTM is gonna announce the nominees for various categories for this year's Anugerah Seri Angkasa (our local version of the Emmies). The announcement will be held at the One World hotel on Wednesday afternoon.
It is also the day my father turns 82. Yup, he was born August 6 1926. Is the date familiar? Well, many years ago, the Yanks dropped a bomb on Hiroshima. Killed thousands of innocent civilians in a blink of an eye. It expedited the end of a war that was going to end anyway.
Then on the 7th, there is a seminar that is part of the Malaysian Film Festival awards' calendar. It will be held at the National Art Gallery. The names mentioned are names I have not heard of.
The next day, another talk or seminar will be held at The Star auditorium - with a title that goes something like "Malay movies not going anywhere..." with panelists that include Adflin Shauki, Hans Isaac, Ida Nerina, Vanida Imran and David Teo - all very important people in the local film industry.
But on the same day, on Astro, you get to see the opening of the Beijing Olympics! Yes, the Olympics are back again.
Then on the 9th, the FFM 21 awards night where we are going to see Shuhaimi Baba's movie 1957: Hati Malaya being the undeserved winner of many awards.
My daughter's 17th birthday falls on the 19th and my eldest son's on the 25th. And my 25th wedding anniversary on the 28th August.
And of course the English Premiere League begins again this month - one more year of suffering for Liverpool fans once again under the so-called genius of Benitez.
All these happening with Ramadhan looming only 30 days away.

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