Monday, August 25, 2008


Today, my eldest son, Aidyl Abadi, turns 23. Yes, he's that old which makes me feel very very old. He is a lot like me - stubborn, reckless, adventurous and good looking. Hehehe. That's him in the picture with granddad over the weekend.
He is quite a talented young director actually. He has been assisting me for over a year and has directed some episodes of Bilik No.13. His eye for detail and dedication to achieving the shots he wants, make him quite a gifted young filmmaker.
His flaw, if you want to call that, is that he procrastinates. He needs to start writing more too. I mean a complete filmmaker needs to understand two things - good writing and editing.
Which is why I always try to make him write his own stories and scripts - which he labors to complete. Nothing comes easy in this world especially for filmmakers - therefore he really needs to buck up if he wants to be a success. Hopefully, next year he will go to New York for a short film course after which he will come back to direct his first feature length movie.
So, Buddy, work hard. The future is yours for the taking. Be brave and meet it head on. Success comes to those who are confident and work hard.
Your parents love you always.

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jun said...

Happy birthday go get your driving licence!