Sunday, August 31, 2008


Ok, it's been a few weeks since the Malaysian Film Festival - where Mamat's film Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang won for Best Film and Best Director.
My predictions were all based on what I thought the jurors and the local critics would choose - and not mine. But yesterday, I viewed all the contenders - excluding Hatta's Wayang, Annuar's Johnny Bikin Filem and Subash's Pensil.
And my choice for Best Film is Anak Halal.
And my choice for Best Director? Osman Ali beating out Hans Isaac for CUCI.
I was really impressed by Anak Halal though there were many flaws - but it was a rough gem nonetheless. Structure-wise it wasn't that great, with the final act falling to pieces (but at least it was just the final fifteen minutes or so - unlike Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang where the second half of the movie dissipated into mush).
If there was an award for Best Ensemble, Anak Halal would and should have won, because most of the cast were consistently good. Maya Karin, who showed she can act and had real talent was however a miscast. I cannot believe that she is someone that belong to that world. The believability factor wasn't there.
Zul Huzaimie was excellent. So was Farid Kamil. Fasha Sandha, however, was not in the same league as the rest. She stood out like a sore thumb.
In fact, I am still wondering why Farid didn't beat Rosham as Best Actor.
But then again, this is the Malaysian Film Festival. The criteria and the awards do not carry much merit because it is not given out based on merit.
On a final note, I find myself surprisingly agreeing to the Best Screenwriting award - Hans Isaac for CUCI. In the hands of a more polished director, CUCI could have been a great fun movie - but as it is - it was the best written movie of last year. Yes, even better than Osman's Anak Halal (but just by a bit - the last act again Osman).
So congratulations Hans, Osman Ali, Tayangan Unggul and Farid Kamil. You have my TOAST as last year's best performers in our industry.

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