Friday, August 22, 2008


I'm stressed out. With Astro, with RTM and with the world. So just a few items in bullet form this time around:
  • My niece is getting married this Saturday (Tantiana). She acted in my Bilik No.13 episode entitled Kabus (with Nabila and Lily). So the whole ginbang gang is going - including my relatives from Singapore. Busy busy busy.
  • Bilik No 13 - season two went on air 9pm yesterday without much fanfare. Hope it will pick up viewers especially went it is going against Kekasihku Seru which is really popular.
  • I'm busy preparing film feature proposals for three parties. A horror film entitled Nini Towok, a drama entitled Diari Tanaka and a comedy entitled Filem Melayu Plastik. Another proposal already done waiting for buyers entitled Satay Wars.
  • Also preparing national PSA campaign for a certain Ministry - presentation on Tuesday.
  • Preparing business plan for setting up a film production company in Indonesia to produce Indonesian movies. Better ROI, better looking cast, better working conditions, better creative freedom. And the best thing - a fairer playing field. Why not?

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