Monday, August 18, 2008


Did anyone outside Johor Baru know that there was a National-level congress on the entertainment and performing arts industry being held?
If you check through the maintsream press, you might not. Unless I missed any coverage, there was hardly any words mentioned about the Congress organised by MAHKOTA.
This is sad, because whatever the shortcomings were, the Congress was surprisingly well organised. Only the attendance of quality participants can be queried.
As expected, the breakout sessions on the music industry was well attended and participated and also lively. Same can be said about the sessions on media and theater.
The sessions on film was dreary to say the least. At one session only less than a dozen people sat in the break-out session on film.
For those interested, below is some of the papers presented:
RUANG & PEMBANGUNAN MUZIK NEGARA - paper by Dato' Aziz Bakar, analysts - Saharudin Mustafa and Dato' Rahman Hassan.
PELAN INDUK PEMBANGUNAN FILEM - paper by Dato' Zain Hamzah, analysts - Anwardi Jamil and Raja Aznil.
PERANAN MEDIA DALAM PEMBANGUNAN INDUSTRI HIBURAN - paper by Musatafa Omar, analysts - Daud Wahid, Gopalkrishnan Anamalai
PEMBANGUNAN TEATER MALAYSIA - paper by Zakaria Ariffin, analysts - Ahmad Tarmimi Siregar, Khir Rahman
MUSIK SEBAGAI MATA PELAJARAN - paper by Joe Chelliah, analysts - Prof. Dr. Wan Zawawi, Dato' Aziz Bakar
KEBAJIKAN PENGAMAL FILEM - paper by Syed Mohd Hassan, analysts - Ahmad Ibrahim, Puad Onah.
PROFESSIONALISME DALAM KERJAYA MEDIA - paper by Zaini Hassan, analysts - Nantha Kumar, Khalim Rohani
MEMARTABATKAN MUZIK NEGARA - paper by Sandy Monteiro, anaysts - Dato' Manan Ngah, Ali Bakar.

Other presenters and analysts include Supiat Mukhtar, Zuhaila Siregar, Raja Azmi, Mamat Khalid and Prof Madya Adnan Hashim.
I didn't stay for the deliberations which was held on Sunday as I had to rush back to KL, but I hope the resolutions to be made are done professionally.
For those who wants copies of the papers, may request them from MAHKOTA.

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