Sunday, August 10, 2008


Nobody could have predicted the results. No one. My own predictions (on how the jury might vote) was also far from the mark. I got only the following right:
Hans Isaac for Best New Director
Erynne Erynna for Best Child Actor
Maya Karin for Best Actress
Sharon Paul for Best Original Score

I was surprised that Kala Malam Bulan Mengambang would win big - Best Film, Best Director (Mamat Khalid) and Best Actor (Rosham Nor). It also won for Best Art Direction and Costume.
It was a huge night for Tayangan Unggul who also won Best Original Story for Anak Halal (Osman Ali).
I'm not sure if the results are considered controversial, but I am sure Mamat's win is a much welcome surprised.
The victory I'm sure made a lot of people squirm, especially Finas who I heard gave Mamat a hard time when he tried to get funding for his latest movie entitled Estet.
There's also this frustrated filmmaker who really criticised KMBM as a piece of crap. In fact, this guy has been attacking Mamat's film since day one. I'm sure he will be writing negative comments about this win by Mamat.
I personally may not agree with the results (I think the third act of KMBM had a lot of problems) but nevertheless, the award couldn't have gone to a more nicer guy.
Congratulations Mamat. Congratulations Gaya and gang.
A little something about the event itself. I think this year's award ceremonies was by far the most boring ever conceptualised and executed. If not for the existence of the UITM and Aswara students in the audience, I think there would hardly be anyone applauding.
It was that bad.
The show was also full of free plugs for upcoming movies. It opened with plugs for Sayang You Can Dance and Estet. Bad move guys.

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